Development of metal matrix composites and nanocomposites via double-pressing double-sintering (DPDS) method

Development of metal matrix composites and nanocomposites via double-pressing double-sintering (DPDS) method



Powder Metallurgy
Double-Pressing Double-Sintering
Mechanical Properties
Metal Matrix Composite


Achieving high densification parameter is an essential factor for metal-based composites to represent excellent mechanical characteristics. Among various compaction methods, double-pressing double-sintering (DPDS) has gained the attraction of researchers to fabricate metal-matrix composites (MMCs) as an efficient technique over the last decade. In this process, the powder will be pre-pressed and then pre-sintered; it helps reduce work hardening and prepare the sample for better densification in the next pressing and sintering step. By employing the above-mentioned method, carbon nanotube (CNT) reinforced aluminum nanocomposites; ZrB2 reinforced copper nanocomposites; and CNT reinforced copper nanocomposites. Furthermore, very high-performance, self-lubricating Fe-based composites were fabricated as discussed in this review paper. The DPDS method enjoys the advantage of producing fine microstructures with near fully-dense parts, resulting in superior mechanical properties. However, the economic issue is the most concern in this fabrication route since it needs excess equipment as well as time for the second step compaction and heating.

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