Synthesis of bentonite/Ag nanocomposite by laser ablation in air and its application in remediation

Synthesis of bentonite/Ag nanocomposite by laser ablation in air and its application in remediation



Laser ablation in air
Ag nanoparticles
Environmental remediation


A simple, greener, and efficient approach is described to produce novel bentonite/Ag nanocomposite wherein the preparation of Ag nanoparticles (Ag NPs) deployed the laser ablation method in air; Ag NPs are deposited on the bentonite via the magnetic stirring method. The structural and morphological characterization of the as-prepared B/Ag nanocomposite (denoted as B/Ag30, 30?min being the laser ablation time) is accomplished using different methods. Additionally, the catalytic assessment of the ensued composite exhibited excellent catalytic reduction/degradation activity for common aqueous pollutants namely methyl orange (MO), congo red (CR) and 4-nitrophenol (4-NP) utilizing NaBH4 as reductant. Furthermore, the recycling tests displayed the high stability/reusability of B/Ag30 nanocomposite for at least 4 runs with retention of catalytic prowess.

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