Ti2AlN MAX phase as a modifier of cellulose acetate membrane for improving antifouling and permeability properties

Ti2AlN MAX phase as a modifier of cellulose acetate membrane for improving antifouling and permeability properties



Cellulose acetate
Protein separation
MAX phases


The development of novel materials for modification of filtration membranes is necessary to enhance their performance. In this study, application of MAX phase-based material in the modification of cellulose acetate (CA) ultrafiltration membrane is reported for improving hydrophilicity, permeability, dye rejection and antifouling properties. Firstly, Ti2AlN MAX phase was synthesized and exfoliated under ultrasonic to obtain nanosheets with an average width of 35?nm. Then, the influence of the prepared MAX phase on the CA membrane performance was assessed by blending different concentrations of it (0–1?wt%). The flux of pure water and BSA protein solution was improved 27.5?% and 37.5?% by blending 0.5?wt% of the MAX phase into the matrix of the membrane. Moreover, the 0.5?wt% MAX/CA nanocomposite membrane represented ameliorated antifouling property with a flux recovery ratio of 86.3?%. This study showed that the MAX phase can be considered propitious additives to modify polymeric membrane performance.

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