Theorylab Network

Theorylab is a knowledge based enterprise aimed at filling the gap between researchers and industries; “Evolution Shortcut”. Membranes, advanced materials, and sensors are the active departments of Theorylab aimed at representing facile and economical remedies for water purification, energy, and biomedical applications, respectively. Collaborative partners of Theorylab are from China, Australia, Iran, Turkey, South Africa, Sweden, and Italy.

Dr. Yasin Orooji is from a scholar family and focused on Antibacterial porous materials over nine years. About three years he has worked in the Department of Biotechnology, University of Isfahan, as the best inventor of the year of 2014 that was awarded by the minister of science and then he received an invitation to join Prof. Wanqin Jin’s Group for performing research on polymeric membranes biofouling. Since 2016, he has a continuous collaboration with UNESCO Membrane Center, UNSW, Australia. In continuation of his scientific journey, he joined the College of Materials Science and Engineering at Nanjing Forestry University as an associate professor in 2018. Moreover, Orooji has reasonable industrial sight of view about biofouling mitigation from DHP Engineering Co. S. Korea, A.O. Smith Co. Nanjing, Alfa Laval AB, Lund, Sweden, etc.

Advanced materials:

Dr. Touradj Ebadzadeh, he received his PhD in 1996 from Department of Engineering Materials, The University of Sheffield, UK. He is a professor in Materials Engineering at the Department of Ceramic Engineering, Materials and Energy Research Center. His group is doing research about Synthesis of nano-structured materials and composites, Sintering (especially microwave sintering) of electrical (dielectric, microwave dielectric and piezoelectric) ceramics and mechanical ceramics and nanocomposites.

Dr. Ehsan Ghasali, formerly worked at the Department of Ceramic Engineering, Materials and Energy Research Center. Ehsan does research in advanced materials. Their current projects are ‘investigation on mechanical and microstructure properties of metal matrix composite reinforced by ceramic particles.” preparation novel WC-based cermet” “in-situ synthesis of mullite-based ceramic matrix composite” “synthesis of novel nanostructure for carbides”.


Dr. Hassan Karimi-maleh is a visiting professor at Department of Applied Chemistry, University of Johannesburg, South Africa. He is Thomson Highly Cited Researcher of 2018. His research interest includes development of chemically modified electrodes for biological, pharmaceutical and environmental compounds analysis and investigation of electrochemistry behavior of electroactive materials such as polymers, organic and inorganic compounds and DNA biosensors. He has received many awards including the gold medal as The Youngest Researcher in nanotechnology (2015 and 2017), gold medal for top researcher from Razavi Scientific Festival and the distinguished highly cited (1%) researcher in ISI and ISC in Agriculture and Chemistry (2018).